Dream Consortium

Discover how we dream

We team up with business owners so they realise, action and fulfill their true potential.

Our team works beside you in four realms - Financial, Services, Creative and Growth. We go beyond just giving you advice, we action the plan with you.


Financial takes the mystery out of the numbers and enables you to find a new level of abundance. Fueling your dreams with R&D tax incentives and systemising your finances brings the freedom to work on what you love.


Services are the pathway for you to get the most out of your business operations. Giving you the very best advice on how to run your business in the areas of recruitment, legal, automation and business innovation.


Creative is where your Dream is given its Voice and Wings. Authentic connection with your community is possible when this Voice and set of Wings is clearly articulated in your vision, strategy and personality.


Growth is where the magic happens in business, and we are not just talking the bottom line here! People are at the heart of all organisations and if you aren't developing the potential of your people, you aren't growing.


Our Dream

As Business owners ourselves, we discovered that ordinary thinking gets you ordinary results. We’ve learned, failed, made mistakes and moved forward. It's become our purpose to cause the extraordinary with you.
Our vision

A world where every person thrives and are leaders in innovation and impacting communities.

Our Mission

To get people in touch with their dreams so that they can change people’s lives and cause the extraordinary.


We team up with people so they realise, action and fulfill their true potential. We do whatever it takes to bring their dreams to life no matter how big or small.


Our distinct OFFERING 

Dream Consortium is unlike any professional services team you’ve ever partnered with.
THE Dream

Our number one focus is getting you in touch with your dream. Whatever that might be, we empower you to articulate it and share it, so that you can achieve it!

Our Values

Our values do not just live on paper. We live and breathe integrity, responsibility, fun, self-belief, excellence, abundance and teamwork.

THE Team

Our team is full of people who care about people. We make eye contact and ask “how are you?” because we truly want to know, so please tell us!

Our Culture

We intentionally build our business to create the kind of world that we want to live in, and our culture proudly reflects this.


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About US

We are the team that brings to life your dream, no matter how big or small.

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  • Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

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